8 years ago

All My Little Pony Intros (Extended Version)

Including G4 FIM EARILIER & EXTENDED INTRO, G3.1, G3.5, and a lot of G1 versions.\r
Enjoy and dont hate the video because you dont like g3 or g3.5, I dont like them neither, but DONT HATE THE VIDEO BECAUSE OF THEM. Thanks.\r
HD is only for the clips that support HD (MLP FIM & G3.1)\r
Do you still reading? Then here is the information about the video:\r
MLP G1 - First Movie, Movie Version, Series Version, MLP & Friends\r
MLP G2 - Tales\r
MLP G3 - Basic Intro\r
MLP G3.1 - Early Preview, Basic Intro\r
MLP G3.5 - Opening Scene\r
MLP G4 - Earlier Preview, Basic Intro, Extended Intro\r
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If you still reading this, then:\r
I must say the very first movie (g1 Rescue from the ??? castle) was a very good movie. It had actions and adventures even evil creepy things and the ponies looked like ponies. G2 was nothing special, G3 was -_- (I wont say anything for good reasons) but I actually like the big-head G3.1 (or more popular is G.3.5, not the Newborn Cuties). Only the story was lame. but they had good design and cool shadow effectşshm khmm hmmm.\r
Surely you have a lot of time if you read all the things I wrote here so:\r
If you have time, watch some of the PMVs below, they are cool.\r
Now stop reading the description finally and watch that video!