Surprise Eggs ABC | Phonics Letters and Sounds | A to Z Alphabet Animated Video

  • il y a 8 ans
This fun animated Surprise Eggs ABC video uses phonics to help kids learn the letters of the alphabet. Visit today.\r
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The animation of the egg opening will reveal a fun surprise in each egg to help children learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet. \r
Using cartoons and vivid colours, this kids video is aimed at helping toddlers understand the associated phonics of each letter of the alphabet. \r
Phonics are widely used, most famously by Jolly Phonics and Cbeebies Alphablocks as an easy way for children to learn the sound each letter of the alphabet makes. \r
Hopefully this surprise eggs cartoon will help your kids learn the alphabet too! \r
A is for Apple\r
B is for Balloon\r
C is for Car\r
D is for Dog\r
E is for Elephant\r
F is for Fox\r
G is for Goat\r
H is for Hat\r
I is for Igloo\r
J is for Jug\r
K is for Kite\r
L is for Lemon\r
M is for Mouse\r
N is for Nose\r
O is for Orange\r
P is for Pig\r
Q is for Queen\r
R is for Robot\r
S is for Sock\r
T is for Tiger\r
U is for Umbrella\r
V is for Violin\r
W is for Whale\r
X is for Xylophone\r
Y is for Yogurt\r
Z is for Zebra\r
Dino Kids are dedicated to producing fun videos and kids songs for early childhood education and development.\r
This animated surprise eggs video will help your little one learn the alphabet through phonics, along with associating letter sounds with corresponding familiar objects. \r
We believe that schooling online can help your children learn as they play. The same songs, games and skills taught at nurseries and preschools can be continued at home and parents can have as much fun seeing their little ones learn!\r
As e learning for kids becomes a more widely embraced area for early child development and childhood education, Dino Kids are keen to make sure our videos are fun, informative and educational.\r
Your little ones online schooling experience should be both fun and educational!