Priyanka Chopra Vs Jimmy Fallon In HILARIOUS Chicken Wing Eat-Off

8 years ago
We all do know that Priyanka Chopra is going places and how! Didn't we feel oh so proud of her when she was there at the Oscar stage giving out an award? Yeah and then didn't we tell you that she rushed from the award venue straight to yet another commitment? Well it was the Jimmy Fallon show and boy dya know Piggy Chops just proved that desi girls are meant for the spicy hot stuff. Yes and perhaps Jimmy didn't know this for he openly challenged Piggy Chops in the hot wings test. And our Pee Cee the hot gal that she is did not hesitate to put things right back as expected from her and won the challenge. This takes Priyanka a notch further from the rest.
Yes we are so proud of this gal who is out to prove that all is fair in Bollywood and Hollywood if you have the grit and the charm! Yeah for she is looking so charming in her black dress and stylish pumps. The girl sure knows to play her cards right what say?