South Park - LORDE Song - Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday) (Extended) (High Quality)

8 yıl önce
Song from South Park Season 18, Episode 3 Cissy\r
(Sorry for the horrible and obvious cut, first time extending a song.. yayaya)\r
Feeling good on a Wednesday,\r
The image of me that you see is distorted, twisted, broken, fractured, isolated miles out to sea\r
I dont want a separate place,\r
I need to feel safe not thrown away away away away\r
And I will push (push) to tear down the walls,\r
(Push Push)\r
Of this box you put me in\r
(Push Push)\r
Push ow hot, push ow hot\r
(Push Push)\r
To find a label that fits me\r
Im feeling good on a Wednesday with the sparkling thoughts\r
Help me unload the car ya ya ya\r
And so I push to close the door\r
Of the stall youve made for me to keep me away\r
And now we push, push to stand together\r
Because I am Lorde\r
Ya Ya Ya \r
Ya Ya Ya I am Lorde,\r
I am Lorde Ya Ya Ya \r
Ya Ya Ya I am Lorde\r
Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya\r
I am Lorde\r
Ya Ya Ya

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