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  • 8 years ago
Female Fitness Motivation
The Ultimate Female Fitness Motivation, day after day, working out can feel like a drill. Yet fitness devotees somehow muster the female fitness motivation to get exercise regularly. Steal their tricks and (almost) never miss a workout again.

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated. Female Fitness Motivation:
Five or six days every week, Sue Wolcott, 41, hits the treadmill in her basement. It's a habit that started after she named her exercise machine Ripley. "It's as in 'Believe it or not, I'm working out,'" says Sue, a teacher in female fitness motivation, New York. "I would never skip out on meeting a friend, so I decided to treat my treadmill like a person." It's become, ahem, a running joke in her set; one pal now refers to her own treadmill as Dusty. "It's just us being silly, but when I'm asked if I've seen Ripley, I really love answering yes," Sue says.

Despite what you may think, the trick to female fitness motivation regularly isn't finding your inner enforcer. Rather, "it's getting creative and tapping your natural motivations," says Kelly McGonigal, PhD, a health psychologist and fitness instructor at Stanford. We asked women who work up a sweat almost every day for their stick-with-it solutions. Check out our seven fail-proof favorites.

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