Caillou fakes sick and gets grounded Cailou

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Caillou dreams up an excuse to go to the boys room to ditch the classroom. While hes out of the classroom, Caillou sneaks into the desserted principals of. caillou makes a fake lockdown and gets grounded This is the first episode of Caillou getting grounded. Caillou made a fake VHS opening and he got in trouble. Credit to African Vulture for the Caillou and h. Credit to Everyone. My first Murray grounded video! Credit to everyone including RocketPowerGal24 and louielouie95. - created at Alexander was faking sick! There was a test on wednesday, and he didnt want to take it! And he faked sick - created at On April Fools Day, Caillou pulls down the fire alarm switch. When the Fire Department arrives at the scene, there is no fire. It is false alarm, and Caillo. Credit to Michaelangelo Valenzuela. 1st Grounded Video out of Cave Spider - created at Credit for RocketPowerGal24, louielouie95 and everybody! - created at Eric Tries To Be Fake Sick So That He Doesnt Have To Take The Big Test Tommorow - created at What happens when Caillou find out the truth about Daillou. - created at The only official source for Ca. Caillou gets grounded for going to the movies and he gets even more grounded for giving rosie a beating! Jebaily owns Tube Travelers. NEXT VIDEO: Greg Preten. Dora has to go to school to take a big test, watch the video to see what happens - created at Print date: 05/3/2014, Note: This marks the debut of Mike (Jacks younger brother) 2nd Note: Flotterica and Melishia are Jacks 2 sisters! - created at My first Caillou is Grounded video :D - created at Cast: Joey: Himself/Dave Joeys Dad: Eric/Kidaroo - created at Requested by Phillip Psareas. Credit for RocketPowerGal24! - created at First Caillou Grounded video. Caillou doesnt want to go to school, so he decides to take over as the principle while the principle is sick. As a result, ALL. Caillou Changes The Laptops OS From Windows 7 To Windows Whistler Beta Testing Operating System - created at Credit to everyone - created at This video is for Isaiah Anderson. Mike is having a test tomorrow so he decided to fake his sickness. His plan dosent go well and gets grounded. CAST Mike-Paul Mikes Dad-Diesel. 2 of 11 requests completed! Cast: Dora: Kayla Doras Mother: Susan This was published before the computer shut off due to power outages! After being expelled from school for calling the Janitor the toilet man, Caillou seeks revenge against the Janitor by locking him up inside the locker. - cre. It turns out Joshie is so lazy about going to school and taking tests. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Monday is the day of the big END-OF-THE-YEAR test, but Brians grades are low and he hates to take the test, so he fakes sick, and it works out! At first. . Enjoy To The Movie. And Chick The Subscribe. My first Caillou gets grounded video! Caillou doesnt want to go to school because he has to take a test and go to an assembly. So he decides to cut class an. My first GoAnimate video with my new GoAnimate account. Caillou gets exepelled from school for using a fake hall pass and calling the school janitor, the toilet man. - created at Jeffery is having an big exam today at school. So he predents Cailou\r
Caillou fakes sick and gets grounded