Lady Gaga Got Innovative With Her Grammys Tribute To David Bowie

  • 8 years ago
In order for Lady Gaga to honor David Bowie's legacy properly at this year's Grammys, she knew she had to go big or go home.
Gaga took the Grammy stage in a sparkly jumpsuit and neon orange mullet that made her look like Major Tom, fitting for a performance of Bowie's "Space Oddity."
You may have also noticed the two color-changing orbs Gaga was wearing on both hands.
According to Intel , those rings gave Gaga the power to control how she appeared on the LED wall behind her.
With every flick of her wrist and rotation of her arm, her Intel Curie ring changed color and controlled what we saw on the screen behind her, including images of Bowie himself as she burned through the singer's hits like "Changes," "Rebel Rebel," "Fame," "Let's Dance" and "Heroes."