Remakes and sequels of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Top 12 Facts

8 years ago
Facts : 1 Remakes and sequels With its low budget of around $ 88,000, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman made enough money to prompt discussion of a sequel
Facts : 2 According to producer Jacques Marquette, the sequel was to be produced at a higher budget and in color
Facts : 3 A script was written, but the project never advanced beyond the discussion phase
Facts : 4 In the mid-1980s filmmaker Jim Wynorski was considering a remake of the 1958 movie, with Sybil Danning in the title role
Facts : 5 Wynorski made it as far as a shooting a photo session with Danning dressed as the 50 foot woman, but again, the project never materialized, as Wynorski opted to film the 1988 remake of Not of This Earth instead
Facts : 6 The film, directed by Christopher Guest with a script by Thirtysomething scribe Joseph Dougherty, starred Daryl Hannah in the title role, who also produced the film
Facts : 7 In 1995 Fred Olen Ray produced a parody entitled Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold, starring J
Facts : 8 Beyond the basic premise, the plot had little in common with the original movie, being concerned with the side effects of a beauty-enhancing formula on two ambitious female models
Facts : 9 The movie was deliberately farcical and made on an extremely low budget; the illusion of size difference was achieved using forced perspective, unlike the earlier movies which used composite imaging
Facts : 10 In late 2011 Roger Corman and his New Horizon company produced a 3D film called Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader, it was released in August 25, 2012
Facts : 11 The film was written by Mike MacLean (who also penned Sharktopus for Corman) and directed by Kevin O Neill
Facts : 12 The film stars Jena Sims, a former Miss Georgia Teen USA, in the title role; Cassie Stratford; and Olivia Alexander as Sims s rival Brittany Andrews