26 - The Worst Of Trek II - Star Trek: DS9 - Profit & Lace

  • 8 years ago
(Episode 26 - Original Release Date 2011)
Welcome back to The Worst Of . . . Reviews; where Sci-Fi goes to die!
I wasn't always a fan of Deep Space Nine, it was (as I've said before) like a bad soap opera. Of course, the show started to kick-ass once Sisko grew his goatee and the Dominion War started up. But one thing remains constant . . . I HATE this episode.
Not much else to say about this one--production went quickly and smoothly; and as for my Flagg storyline, "beaming" between series was fun and a pain in the ass. My greenscreen hadn't arrived yet, so I was kneeling in front of 2 pieces of green bristol board for about 5 hours. My knees have never been the same.
So I give to you the WORST of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine . . . Profit & Lace!