AdBlock Plus Restricts Ads in Asus Android Smartphones

  • 8 years ago
Asus and Eyeo GMBH have teamed up to ensure that Android tablets and smartphones remain ad-free.
Asus's mobile line of products will ship out in early 2016 with Adblock Plus pre-installed and already switched on in the Asus browser.
Asus smartphones are pre-loaded with the company's proprietary browser, complete with its ad-blocking powers.
Legitimate advertisements can be allowed to slip the ad-blocker's clutches, ensuring that revenue streams of proper websites are not significantly affected by the move.
Till Faida, Eyeo GMBH's CEO and co-founder, expressed the company's delight at joining forces with a major hardware manufacturer.
Asus is the first major hardware manufacturer to have incorporated ad-blocking into its devices from the get-go.