PEZ Christmas Edition - Candy Dispenser (Snowman, Santa Claus & Reindeer)

  • 9 years ago
We show PEZ Christmas Edition - Candy Dispenser (Snowman, Santa Claus & Reindeer) - a new YouTube Unboxing Video for collectors, babies, toddlers, kids & families

Pez (trademarked PEZ in capitals) is the brand name of an Austrian candy and their famous mechanical pocket dispensers. The candy itself takes the shape of pressed, dry, straight-edged, curved-corner, blocks (15 mm (5/8 inch) long, 8 mm (5/16 inch) wide, and 5 mm (3/16 inch) high), with Pez dispensers holding 12 Pez pieces.

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Other translations for viewers from other countries:

*in Korean‬, 한국어: 사탕 디스펜서 (눈사람, 산타 클로스 & 순록) - - 가족 & 집, 아기, 유아, 아이를위한 새로운 유튜브 언 박싱 비디오 우리는 PEZ 크리스마스 에디션을 보여

*in Japanese, 日本語で: キャンディディスペンサー(スノーマン、サンタクローストナカイ&) - - 家族&コレクター、赤ちゃん、幼児、子供のための新しいYouTubeのボックス化解除のビデオ私たちは、PEZクリスマス版を表示

*in Thai, ในภาษาไทย: เราแสดง PEZ คริสต์มาส Edition - เครื่องลูกอม (Snowman ซานตาคลอส&กวางเรนเดีย) ​​- ใหม่ YouTube Unboxing วิดีโอสำหรับการสะสมทารกเด็กวัยหัดเดินเด็ก&ครอบครัว

*in Vietnamese‬, trong tiếng Việt: Chúng tôi thấy Pez Christmas Edition - Candy Dispenser (Snowman, Santa Claus & Reindeer) - một Unboxing video mới của YouTube cho người thu gom, trẻ sơ sinh, trẻ mới biết đi, trẻ em & gia đình

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