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  • 9 years ago
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A fan of ours emailed us a photo of this hairstyle the other day, and I thought the idea was so fun and unique! It was probably the most unique and cute hairstyle I have seen since the Waterfall Braid! So... I sat down to figure it out, but after many attempts I wasn't having any luck.

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As another fan knew I was looking into the braid technique, she posted a picture on our Facebook page with a link to a Russian YouTube video showing the exact technique. The video is not very good quality and at times difficult to follow, but it gave me just enough information to be able to master the braid! Now it is time to share with you all everything I learned!

There are endless possibilities with this bow braid hairstyle... short hair, medium hair, long hair, layered hair, hair with bangs, combos, etc. I show you in the video finished hairstyles using the bow braid and adapting it to a braided headband, diagonal braid, lace braid, or even ponytails. Any style that contains a regular 3 strand French braid could be transformed with bows to become "The Bow Braid" version!!! {What a unique and super cute way to spice up a traditional French Braid!}

Items Needed: A brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hairspray or pomade, a hairpin (not a bobby pin), and a few hair elastics.

Time Requirement: 10-15 minutes, depending on the hairstyle you choose.

In the video you see that I mixed in the tails of the bows back into the next strand. You may find it easier and less "messy" to simply lay the tail alongside the French Braid and then bring down the next section of hair for the next loop. As you finish the braid, most of the tails will be covered by the hair from the top. It all depends on how you want the bow braid to look.