This dashcam video doesn't lie, but it appears as though the cops may have

  • 9 years ago
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Police officer Daniel Aguirre was honored with the Combat Cross Medal for his actions in the April 2014 arrest of a pair of suspected robbers but half a year later, he was stripped of that honor when dashcam video of the arrest surfaced revealing new details that are inconsistent with police records.

The initial report described how Officer Richard Haluska and Aguirre spotted two men matching the description of suspected robbers. A struggle between Haluska and one of the suspects, Devon Brown, ended when Aguirre used a stun-gun on the 21-year-old. Aguirre then turned his attention toward the second suspect, Aubrey Williams.

Here's how Birmingham P.D. described the incident, "Aguirre began to struggle with the second suspect who pulled a gun and pointed it at Hulska. When he ordered the man to drop his gun, the suspect then pointed his gun at Aguirre. Aguirre fired and struck the suspect. Both men were then arrested."

The dashcam video shows the 24-year-old suspect on his hands and knees when Aguirre approaches him. There doesn't appear to be a struggle and Williams doesn't appear to be pointing a gun at the officer.

Williams survived the gunshots and was charged with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer. His lawyer says the video proves that his client did not point a gun at the officer. The area of contention is what was in William's hand behind the plastic bag.

"Just because it's not on video, it doesn't mean it didn't occur," said Jefferson County District Attorney Matt Hart regarding the attempted murder charges.


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