3 Palestinians killed in West Bank, Gaza clashes

  • 9 years ago
Three Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli security forces Friday in violence that erupted along the Gaza border and in the West Bank, according to Palestinian reports.
Medical sources in Gaza claimed that two Palestinians were killed by live fire from IDF soldiers while another 98 were wounded during the violence on the Gaza border in the north of the Strip.
From across the border, the IDF said the Palestinian claims were under investigation while confirming that troops had fired at the lower bodies of some 15 "central inciters" with the intention of pushing them back from the fence.
The "Day of Rage" could also be felt in the West Bank on Friday when Joseph's Tomb was set ablaze by rioters and a Palestinian stabbed and moderately wounded a soldier , adding to a wave of recent attacks and rioting in anger over Israel's alleged change of policy on the Temple Mount.