Shahrukh Khan Receives Honorary Degree From Edinburgh University

8 years ago
Okay if all of you thought all that SRK could do is fool around on social media with pics of his kids, well you are mistaken for the Khan is all set to prove us wrong.

Recently after gallivanting in Hyderabad and various other places for his upcoming Dilwale , SRK went to no other place than Scotland to the Edinburgh University. And pray what was he doing there? Well to tell the truth, King Khan has given lectures on life there and what does he get? Hey Presto an Honorary degree from the esteemed University!

Do you believe that ? So after all his coaching on Facebook here is a King giving it up in style at the University of Edinburgh and gets an Honorary Degree! Isnt that oh so cool and we love our Ra One’s post that he is a doctor all over ! He got it from Her Royal Highness & Prof Jeffery & Smith. Kudos!