Going Global Ep10

  • 9 years ago
In a small and quiet town in Australia called Clunes, a special festival attracts a lot of tourists from around the world every year around the month of May.People are said to visit the town for none other than books.

Every early May, a special seedling market is held in a place called Wildegg in Switzerland. And about 12,000 people visit this two-day market.

A woman from Canada has gone beyond just enjoying Korean cuisine... she is now introducing easy Korean cooking and recipes on YouTube. Her uploaded clips were even aired on a TV channel in Toronto.

A soprano singer from Korea has proved herself on the European stage and is now being recognized as a prima donna. Meet Soprano Cho Sun-hyung, who's actively performing in Germany and other European countries.

Recently in the United States, race riots broke out in the city of Baltimore.For many, they were a reminder of the Korean stores that were looted and vandalized in the 1992 Los Angeles riots.It's been a long time since the LA riots, but a special boxing show has been taking place every year in LA to promote racial harmony.