Semipermanent (Vietnamese) Ep10 High Performance

  • 10 years ago
High Performance
B-girl, Misslee, starts Erik and Tiffany off on a breakdancing lesson. Later, they meet up with Misslee's crew of expat breakers, the Seoul Seekers, as well as 500 other dancers to attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest breakdance.
Raul, a percussionist with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, invites Erik and Tiffany to attend a rehearsal before their concert showcasing Russian composers. The next day, he gives them a tour of the orchestra rehearsal space in the Sejong Center and then follows up with a percussion lesson.
Then, it's off to the Korean National Theatre where Lauren, an actress with the Eurasia Shakespeare Theatre Company takes them centre stage for a bilingual Korean-English performance of Richard III.