Edventure in Asia Ep10

  • 10 years ago
Jakarta, Indonesia
Edward's 10th destination is Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia!
Due to frequent exchange with Chinese merchants, Indonesia's culinary culture is largely influenced by Chinese cuisine, which means many fried and stir-fried dishes.
Also the country has more than 17,000 islands, which each have their own unique food culture.
In his journey in Indonesia, from a top chef, Edward learns how to make sambal, the seasoning most widely used in Indonesian cuisine, and also nasi goreng.
He also visits the Oasis restaurant, which is an essential course for all national guests to Indonesia, and learns about unique serving and how to make rendang.
Last but not least, he stops by Manado island to taste and learn the recipie for ayam issi bblu.
Don't miss Edward's flavorful journey in Jakarta.