Jolly LLB Director Subhash Kapoor Beaten By Actress For Sexual Molestation !

  • 10 years ago
On February 20, actress Geetika Tyagi, who has acted in films like Aatma, What The Fish and more recently, One by Two, tweeted a video link on her social networking site. In the video, she is seen accusing the 'Jolly LLB' director Subhash Kapoor, where director's wife and Aurangzeb director Atul Sabharwal are also seen in attendance.
Check out the video here!
apparently about Subhash Kapoor having sexually abused Geetika Tyagi. The director confesses his crime and says he is ashamed of what happened between the two, and is ready to face the outcomes of his actions.
On the other hand, Kapoor's wife says their married life is ruined for the reason that of the said event.The video ends with a cry and yelling out Geetika, who is seen slapping hard Kapoor, and says it's an act that she will help her to let go the dark past.

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