Chromatic: A Coloured Slow Motion Skateboard Video!! (Jordan Hoffart, Aldrin Garcia, Josh Hawkins)

il y a 10 ans
We actually filmed this video over a year ago in LA with Powell-Peralta and crew. We featured Pro/Am skateboars Jordan Hoffart, Aldrin Garcia, and Josh Hawkins up in this mix. They are all super talented and it was impressive as hell that they could throw down these tricks with all that chalk and powder on the board!

You can check out Powell-Peralta's Facebook page right here

The music this week is "Once Before" by J.D. Beatz. Make sure to check out his channel! He has provided amazing music for tons of our videos!

We filmed all of this on a Phantom V12.1 from Vision Research with a Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 lens.

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