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13 hours ago

‘Cancel Disney Plus’ Is Trending After The Streamer Announced Big Changes To Its Cost And Sharing Policy

Cinema Blend
Cinema Blend
Streaming platforms have become a key part of many studios' content distribution plans, but not all of them have been quite as successful as Disney+ was out of the gate. With its nearly 100 years worth of popular offerings (which some would argue did damage to brands), combined with a very aggressive price tag, the platform was an immediate hit. However, that incredible subscription cost has been going steadily up over the last three and a half years. And with the news of the most recent Disney+ price increase and more, it looks like some fans have hit their limit, as an unflattering statement is currently trending.

During Disney’s Q3 quarterly earnings call, it was confirmed that the ad-free version of a Disney+ subscription will jump from its current price of $10.99 per month to $13.99 per month starting in October. Alongside that came news that starting next year, the service will begin to crack down on password sharing, though exactly what form that will take is still unclear. While price increases are not uncommon for any streaming platform, there's always the fear that people will cancel memberships if prices get too high. There now seems to be a concerted effort to do that, as "Cancel Disney Plus" is now trending on social media, per No Deposit.guide. And the phrase has seen a 510% increase since the announcement. A quick search shows many current users are planning to cancel.