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Mustard (condiment)

22 days ago

Mustard’s Legs Are A Thing Of Magic In His Workout Session #shorts

Producer Mustard is still determined to keep shedding the weight and staying in shape. The hitmaker takes time away from music-making to continue putting the focus on working out and encouraging his crew as well.

In the video, he’s doing leg jumps with another guy. It’s clear to see Mustard has the upperhand and is most likely schooling his friend on the workout routine. There’s plenty of sweat and hard-earned burned calories in this session.

Things don’t end there though - Mustard keeps the workout routine going courtesy of an upper body workout. You can clearly hear Young Thug and Gunna’s “Ski” song playing in the background and Mustard even jokes about “this” being his contribution to the recently viral challenge.

1 year ago